Asteroids: Outpost

Atari Continues Its March Through Classic Franchises With Asteroids: Outpost
by Mike Futter on Feb 10, 2015 at 05:30 AM
Publisher: Atari
Developer: Salty Games
Rating: Rating Pending
Platform: PC

After rebooting Haunted House and starting in on more recent franchise Alone in the Dark, Atari continues its romp through its back catalog. The latest franchise to get the once-over is Asteroids.

The refresh, Asteroids: Outpost, is a significant departure from the 1979 classic that put players in a triangular ship, blowing up minimalist space rocks. This time out, Asteroids is a survival game.

Players take on the role of a space miner, exploring, gathering resources, and building bases. There is a multiplayer component, as well. Elements of the original game will be present, as asteroid showers pepper the terrain.  

The first concept art images are below. No details about timing have been announced, but the title is slated for release on PC.