Claymation Point-And-Click Adventure Gets August Release
by Brian Shea on Jun 09, 2015 at 03:02 AM
Platform Wii U, PC, Mac
Publisher Versus Evil
Developer Pencil Test Studios
Rating Not rated

Those who have been waiting to see when they'll be able to play the unique point-and-click adventure Armikrog no longer have to wonder. The Kickstarter-funded claymation adventure from Earthworm Jim creator Doug TenNapel is set to hit PC, Mac, and Linux on August 18.

To mark the occasion, Pencil Test Studios has released a trailer in the form of a vlog from the main character, Beak-Beak, who is voiced by Rob Paulsen. You can check out the video, which features several looks at gameplay, below.

Versus Evil has also announced that those who pre-order either the standard or Deluxe Edition of Armikrog will receive a 10% discount. The standard edition is set to retail for $24.99, while the Deluxe Edition, which contains the full game soundtrack by Terry Scott Taylor, will run $5 more at $29.99.

Armikrog is being created using actual clay sculpting, set building, and clay and puppet fabrication methods, giving it a unique look when combined with the stop-motion animation methods of shooting. The game is set to feature tons of humor, and serves as a spiritual successor to another claymation point-and-click adventure, The Neverhood. The game will also be appearing on PlayStation 4 and Wii U, but those versions currently do not have a release date.

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Wii U, PC, Mac
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