Darkness Gathers In New Trailer
by Cameron Koch on Apr 08, 2014 at 07:55 AM
Publisher: League of Geeks
Developer: League of Geeks
Platform: PlayStation 4, PC, iOS

We last checked out an early version the digital board game Armello at GDC 2013 and came away impressed. Now the developers over at League of Geeks have launched a Kickstarter for their ambitious project, and with it a new trailer.

While the trailer doesn't show gameplay, it does set up the world and story of Armello nicely. The game is set in a fantasy world where the king has become corrupted by a mysterious dark force known only as the "Rot."

It is then that the various clans of the kingdom sent out their heroes to fight in their name and claim the throne. You play as one of these heroes, either against A.I. controlled enemy heroes or other players.

Each hero has a unique talent tree and special game altering power, but can also be customized further with Power Amulets and Clan Signet Rings to suit your play style. Combat is done with a combination of virtual dice rolling and card usage, and every time you play the game board is procedurally generated for a new experience. Just like a board game, all players draw from the same card pile, and each card is beautifully animated.

A day and night cycle mixes up the gameplay further as different dangers and challenges rise and fall with the sun's daily cycle. Each hero has a preferred time of day that you will also have to factor in before deciding upon your moves.

Look for more on Armello, coming to iPad, PC, Mac, and Linux, in the future, and be sure to check out the game's Kickstarter page for more information. 

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PlayStation 4, PC, iOS
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