Angry Birds Transformers

Hasbro Rolling Out Telepod Figures, Packs This Fall
by Harry Mackin on Jul 22, 2014 at 08:08 AM
Publisher: Chillingo
Developer: Rovio
Rating: Rating Pending
Platform: iOS, Android

We’ve known about Rovio and Hasbro’s collaboration on Angry Birds Transformers for a while, but today Hasbro unveiled new information on the upcoming associated toy product line, including all the available packs and date of release, and even reimagined iconic Transformers posters with an Angry Birds twist.  

The plot of Angry Birds Transformers appropriately mimics the plot of the Transformers franchise. The mysterious Egg Spark crashes onto Piggy Island, transforming Red Bird into Optimus Prime bird, Chuck the Yellow Bird into Bumblebee bird, and the other island residents into Autobirds or Deceptihogs.  

Angry Birds Transformers will use telepods to incorporate the collectable, transformable figures available in the packs into the game. Each physical figure can be transformed into either vehicle or robot mode, and then placed on the telepod to be replicated in the Angry Birds Transformers game with all-new special powers to be used in racing and battle modes. 

The Angry Birds Transformers figures and playsets will all be available exclusively at Toys “R” Us starting on October 1. Here’s what we know about each of the sets: 

The Racer Pack
The Racer Packs each include one of the six available figures (like Optimus Prime, above), and one Telepod base, so that the figure can interact with the digital Angry Birds Transformers game. The Racer Packs will cost about $5.99.

The Battle Pack
The Battle Packs are inspired by classic Autobot/ Decepticon rivalries, and each include both an Autobird and a Deceptihog, as well as a telepod base. Battle Packs will cost approximately $9.99.

Energon Racer Pack
This deluxe pack features five different telepod figures, including Optimus Prime bird, Grimlock bird, Galvatron pig, Starscream pig, and Soundwave pig. This pack also features an exclusive deco and one telepod base. The Energon Racer Pack will cost around $19.99.


Bumblebee Bird Blast 
In addition to Bumblebee and Grimlock telepod figures, the Bumblebee Bird Blast playset features a bumblebee target and a launcher, to transform your Bumblebee and Grimlock from race cars to robots at high speed. Bumblebee Blast will also include a telepod base and will cost around $19.99.  

Optimus Prime Bird Raceway
The Optimus Prime Raceway is a race course for your Angry Birds Transformers vehicles to compete on. The track includes two launchers, two figures (Optimus and Megatron), a mini Starscream, and a telepods base. The Optimus Prime Bird Raceway will cost around $29.99. 

The Angry Birds Transformers digital app is being developed by Rovio Entertainment and will release later this Fall for iOS and Android. For more Autobirds and Deceptihogs, check out the posters, and more figures, in the gallery below, and take a look at some previously released concept art