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All Walls Must Fall

Inbetweengames Announces Alt-History Game Where Berlin Wall Never Fell
by Jeff Cork on Apr 18, 2016 at 05:06 AM
Platform PC
Publisher Inbetweengames
Developer Inbetweengames
Release Fall 2016
Rating Rating Pending

Inbetweengames was formed late last year by several former Yager developers, and the indie studio has announced its first commercial game. All Walls Must Fall gives players a glimpse of an alternate version of Berlin, where the wall dividing the city never fell and time-manipulation technology is a reality.

The game is set in 2089, and the Cold War is still going strong. Players have to flex their tactical muscles to infiltrate the factions that keep East and West Berlin separate. The early gameplay prototype shows how time can be exploited, which provides some cushioning when players inevitably fumble. In the clip, which you can see here, a character storms through a door in a crowded nightclub, only to be greeted by several armed – and angry – security forces. By pressing a button, the bullets are sucked back into the barrels of their respective firearms, and the hornet's nest is untouched. This time, however, players know what to expect when they walk into that particular door.

Inbetweengames says the game will feature procedurally generated gameplay with a morally ambiguous story that explores the meaning of free will and freedom.

The game is set for a Steam Early Access release this fall.

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