Agents of Mayhem

New Trailer Introduces Us To The Bombshells
by Douglas DeLong on Jun 26, 2017 at 12:50 PM
Platform PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
Publisher Deep Silver
Developer Volition
Rating Mature

Today we've got ourselves a new Agents of Mayhem trailer, and it's just as ludicrous as we've come to expect. 

The Bombshells are the most volatile and explosive agents of the bunch, and they come equipped with big weapons and even bigger personalities. The first is Joule, a fashion model who also has a penchant for engineering deadly robot turrets. Next up is Rama, an immunologist who wields a powerful and precise armor-piercing bow. Rounding out the bunch is Redcard, a soccer-obsessed lunatic who blasts away foes with a gun called the Hooligan. 

We recently got our hands on Agents of Mayhem at E3 2017, and had quite a bit of fun. You can check out trailers for some of the other agents and their sweet rides here and here.

Agents of Mayhem will be releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on August 15.

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