A City Sleeps

A City Sleeps: Harmonix's Shooter
by Matthew Kato on Aug 28, 2014 at 10:14 AM
Publisher: Harmonix Music Systems
Developer: Harmonix Music Systems
Rating: Not rated
Platform: PC, Mac

Harmonix has announced A City Sleeps – a twin-stick shooter that also combines music elements to rid the world of dream demons.

The game stars Poe, a dream exorcist who must clear the demons from the dreams of the residents of SanLo.

Poe uses both a koto sword (which also shoots bullets) and ghost familiars. Familiars can possess objects in the world to become idols. These are used for offensive and defensive abilities, and as you play the game's music changes around your actions. The music itself also influences Poe's projectiles and enemies' spawning and movements.

The game also features relics you can equip and multiple difficulties.

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