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2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

A Closer Look At 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil
by Matthew Kato on Feb 06, 2014 at 07:03 AM

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Platform PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Publisher EA Sports
Developer EA Canada
Rating Everyone

Although its only been months since the release of FIFA 14, it's been four years since EA Sports' last World Cup game came out. We talked to one of the game's producers – Mat Prior – about what's different and what's not about the game.

We talked to Prior about certain aspects of the title, and came away with a few more details from the game's initial unveiling.

Gameplay Tweaks
The gameplay changes for this title – better passing, player acceleration, and more dribbling control – are thanks to the fans. "A lot of it is based on consumer feedback from FIFA 14," says Prior. Overall, he mentions that some players felt that game felt too loose, occasionally laggy, and contained too many unforced errors. "The sum total of all that is that it's a very different experience, and noticeably different experience from FIFA [14]. We've obviously had early play with the hardcore people who play FIFA, and it's all thankfully been positive. They notice the difference."

No Ultimate Team
The game won't feature the popular mode, although EA says that it will run WC-focused content for Ultimate Team in FIFA 14.

Player Conversations/Morale
Morale and form remain for players, but you won't be able to actually converse with your players like managers do for their domestic sides in the career mode of FIFA 14.

Match Day Form
Players' real-world form during the tournament can be imported if you have an online connection thanks to the franchise's Match Day form feature.

What Does This World Cup Game Mean For FIFA 15?
Prior says that 2014 World Cup's changes to the core gameplay – including the PK system, corner tactics, etc. – will carry over for FIFA 15. "We wouldn't want to do anything throwaway," explains Prior.

Tactics & Headers
2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is a last-gen title, and as such, it will not feature EA's attempts to have three or more players contest for headers in the air. Prior, however, says that you will see defenders jump over the backs of attackers to head the ball clear. On the topic of overall tactics, Prior says that teams will play different depending on the result they need (like bunkering for a draw or when facing a better opponent) as well as if they're home or away.

More on Training
You'll train before and inbetween games. Obviously you train your players with the assumption that they'll get better, but if you do badly enough in one of the drills, you could make your players' form and morale worse. The drills themselves will be those from FIFA 14 as well as some new ones. Unless you're in the Captain Your Country mode (where you only control a single player) you can choose to run up to four players at a time through drills. "...[It's] like the skill games, but with more meat on the bones, as it were, because now you're not trying to hit a certain score. You're actually growing the players through these skill games."

You can play with the real-world qualifier fixtures, or you can choose to mix up the qualifying groups within a given confederation. You can also swap countries out when you get to the World Cup if you want.

Football Club
Similar to booting up FIFA 14 (no pun intended), your Football Club level and XP in FIFA 14 will carry over to 2014 FIFA WC, and there will be new items for you to buy as well. Every World Cup ball is available in the Football Club.

Online Multiplayer
While the game features different online modes, you'll only play against a single other player – there's no Pro Clubs-like format pitting multiple players against another squad of online players.

Although it's not much, you can also take a look at the game's initial teaser trailer below.

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