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Lightyear Trailer Blasts Off To Infinity And Beyond

by Marcus Stewart on Oct 27, 2021 at 10:23 AM

Pixar has launched the first teaser trailer for its Toy Story spin-off, Lightyear. The film stars everyone’s favorite space ranger, but with a twist.

This isn’t the same Buzz Lightyear that Tim Allen brought to life over the four mainline Toy Story films. Rather, Lightyear tells the origin story of the “real” Buzz. As in the in-universe character that the action figure is based on. Since this is a different Buzz, he’s voiced by a new actor: Captain America himself, Chris Evans.

The beautiful trailer establishes a more serious tone but it still packs plenty of lighthearted moments. Pixar is basically making its own sci-fi epic using one of its most beloved characters. Lightyear will premiere in theaters next summer.

What do you think of Lightyear's premise and direction? Are you excited to see Chris Evans take on the role of Buzz? Let us know in the comments!