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Celebrate 20 Years Of Diablo II With Some Wings

by Daniel Tack on Jun 29, 2020 at 04:36 PM

Before there was Diablo III (and Diablo IV!), there was Diablo II. If you're lucky enough to remember those magical days from the coveted early betas where we wandered around the Blood Moor and farmed the Den of Evil for hours on end to discovering what mysteries lay behind Andariel's evil lair, you remember it as one of the best ARPG experiences of all time.

If the base game wasn't awesome enough, the Lord of Destruction expansion brought a lot more to love, with the druid and assassin classes and a giant new act featuring bosses you could "run" over and over and over - and it never got old! Today marks 20 years since the release of Diablo II, and while most of my favorite characters are ghosts that died in high-level hardcore duels (I had quite the ear collection) or to lag spikes taking on Izual (Internet wasn't as good back then and playing on hardcore was even riskier due to this) I remember those days fondly. 

So, let's celebrate! You can get a set set of Prime Evil Wings by logging into Diablo III any time after today! Blizzard also has a number of other events going on to celebrate the anniversary that you can check out here.

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