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Overwatch's Mercy Figma Up For Preorder

by Imran Khan on Feb 08, 2019 at 01:35 PM

One of the few constants in the world you can count on is that there will never be an end to Overwatch merchandise. No matter what brand of figure or statue you prefer, you will find a plastic piece of Overwatch kitsch to sit on your desk or shelf. Now there's a Mercy figure for you to do just that and it will cost you.

Heroes never die for a price and that price it turns out is $90. It's time for you to prove how much you love Mercy with cold, hard cash.


The figure is intended release by Q1 2020, which means you can only preorder now and then sit and wait for release for about a year. Those release windows tend to be hit much earlier, though, so you might be surprised. You'll know when it arrives in the mail when everyone in your life starts giving you the stink eye and loudly complaining that you're not healing them enough. You can grab a preorder right here.

Overwatch recently got a permanent price cut on PC, so you can save a few dollars there. We also recently analyzed how to fix Overwatch's most broken heroes, including Mercy.

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