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Just Cause 4 Easter Egg Pays Tribute To Classic '80s Music Video

by Elise Favis on Dec 09, 2018 at 02:56 PM

We're still working on our Just Cause 4 review, but in the meantime, players have been able to jump in since its release a few days ago. So far, some players have managed to find some neat easter eggs. One in particular is a homage to a classic '80s music video.

When entering a certain half-constructed building in Just Cause 4, descending to the lower level brings a familiar tune and makes your surroundings look like they were sketched by a pencil. This is a reference to A-Ha's music video for Take On Me, which has a young woman invited into a sketchbook-like world.

In Just Case 4, a young lady dressed similarly to that character comes to dance alongside Rico. Watch the footage for yourself below, or go ahead and find it in-game. It's wonderful.

Here's the original music video, for comparison's sake:

Keep an eye out on the Game Informer website for our Just Cause 4 review, which should be published in the next couple days. For more interesting easter Eggs found in Just Cause 4, check out this wacky one relating to a free game called Sexy Hiking.

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