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Dress Up Like An Outlaw With Barking Irons' Red Dead Redemption II Collection

by Jeff Cork on Nov 29, 2018 at 10:12 AM

Rockstar opened up its Red Dead Redemption II shop a few months back, which includes a variety of items themed to fit the game's Old West sensibilities. Today, the company announced its collaboration with clothing company Barking Irons. The clothier's Red Dead Redemption II collection features shirts and accessories designed with period-accurate flourishes.

The shirts pictured above will run you between $120-150, while the Henley below is priced at a comparatively more modest $92. The duffel is $325. While they're considerably more expensive than the usual silk-screened gaming fare you'll typically find at your local mall, these have the advantage of being a little more versatile than a T-shirt. Those are coming, too, but keep in mind that Barking Irons sells Billy Joel tees for $98.

You can check out the complete line here.

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