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Limited $1,350 Game Boy Jordans Are More For Admiring Than Buying

by Suriel Vazquez on Oct 13, 2018 at 05:15 PM

Limited edition shoes are absurdly popular, and gaming has had its brushes with the trend. Early this year saw the release of the PlayStation-themed sneakers, which proved to be a hot commodity. Now a Nintendo-themed competitor is sure to be much more sought after but way, way less available.

Custom sneaker shop Freaker Sneaks has unleashed its Game Boy-themed Air Jordans, a follow-up to last year's NES themed shoes. The Game Boy edition features different designs for each shoe: The right shoe features the box art for Super Mario Land on the front, and the B and A buttons on the back, while the left shoe features a screenshot from Super Mario Land on the front and the d-pad on the back. Both share a similar color scheme, however, it looks incredibly good.

Unfortunately, Freaker Sneaks is only making 10 pairs, and each of them costs $1,350, making their release performance art as much as it is commercial strategy. Still, they're nice to look at. You can find out more about them (but probably not buy them) over at Freaker Sneaks' official website.


[Source: Freaker Sneaks via Kotaku