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World Of Warcraft Has A God Of War Reference That Comments On Recent Lore Controversy

by Camden Jones on Aug 07, 2018 at 02:30 PM

Things in the World Of Warcraft have been a bit rough for Horde players lately. In last week's "Warbringers: Sylvanas" trailer, Blizzard confirmed that Horde warchief Sylvanas Windrunner burned the killed innocent night elves by burning their "world tree" home. 

This, as Polygon reports, set off a storm of anger among the WoW community, as many Horde players feel Sylvanas' actions do away with the "gray" morality of the Warcraft series and don't want to be associated with a faction that follows a plainly evil leader.

Some Horde players, according to Kotaku, have gone so far as to hide their shoulder armor in imitation of the "Old Soldier" trailer's Varok Saurfang, protesting Sylvanas' actions.

Looking for in-game Horde members that share players' reactions to Sylvanas, Wowhead user perculia points to a God Of War reference that Reddit user newshadow1 discovered back in May.

Wowhead user perculia

In the Easter egg, a male orc, "Travelling Warrior," talks in Orgrimmar with his son, "Traveling Son," about the events of the looming war. According to perculia, the two have the following conversations:

It appears Horde players have at least one young orc who shares their feelings. For more World Of Warcraft, check out Dan Tack's Battle For Azeroth island expeditions preview and stay tuned for more Battle For Azeroth coverage.

[Source: Wowhead]


It's surprising to see an Easter egg double as such a touching commentary on World Of Warcraft's story events. I can't think of a better way Blizzard could have paid tribute to a great game like God Of War.

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