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Rockstar Helped Make A Music Video Using Grand Theft Auto V

by Imran Khan on Aug 05, 2018 at 09:00 AM

Grand Theft Auto Online After Hours added a lot of new content to the online portion of the game, including new DJs for the night club management aspects of the game. One of those DJs was the real world DJ Solomun, who has decided to celebrate his inclusion with a music video made in Grand Theft Auto V.

Solomun's newest video, Customer is King, stars the DJ running around town with various trials and tribulations. Rockstar supplied the animation and graphics, making it more of a collaboration than a solo effort.

This makes Rockstar's first official music video, so maybe they'll consider it as a new branch of their business. I mean, where else do you go after having the most profitable piece of media of all time?

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