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Learn The Story Of How Three Teenagers Helped Nintendo Create Star Fox In This Video

by Suriel Vazquez on Jun 30, 2018 at 05:44 PM

Though it hasn't held up as well as some other SNES titles, Star Fox is a notable part of Nintendo's history. It was one of the few 3D titles for the console, showcasing the power of the system many thought couldn't handle polygonal graphics. As it turns out, however, three young British programmers, none of whom worked at Nintendo at the time, were a major part in putting the title together.

Originally part of Argonaut Software, Dylan Cuthbert, Giles Goddard, and Krister Wombell were the three programmers responsible for bringing the game to life. Using the FX Chip (the on-cartridge tech that allowed SNES games to run in 3D in the first place), they crafted a demo of a game called an early demo of a 3D flight game. Nintendo then courted them and moved them over to Kyoto in order to work on the game fulltime. The video above catalogs the trio's abridged history of working with Nintendo.