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Nyko To Release Labo-Like Cardboard Arcade Cabinet For Switch

by Camden Jones on Jun 29, 2018 at 01:30 PM

Nyko, a third-party peripheral manufacturer, is creating the PixelQuest Arcade Kit, a miniature cardboard arcade cabinet for the Nintendo Switch. Much like Nintendo Labo, the cabinet comes in sheets of pre-cut cardboard that you can pop out and assemble yourself.

The kit turns the Joy-Cons into classic arcade joysticks with thumbstick extensions and plastic housing that mechanically remaps the shoulder buttons so that they're accessible. A cutout in the side of the cabinet allows the Switch to slide in and act as the cabinet's screen, and additional cutouts allow for ventilation and access to the Switch's charging port.


The kit also includes four sheets of small square stickers of various colors, allowing you to customize the cabinet with your own pixel art.


The cabinet will be available November 27 for $19.99. You can learn about the cabinet on Nyko's website.