The Best Board Games Of 2020

The board-gaming hobby continued its march onto dining-room tables this year, offering relief for families, friends, and roommates sharing in lockdown.

Bringing Hitman To VR

IO Interactive is bringing its World of Assassination trilogy to PlayStation VR. We talked to the team making it happen.
GOTY 2020

The Top 10 Characters Of 2020

This year's big games not only forged bonds with brand-new characters, but also reimagined our connections to familiar ones.
GOTY 2020

The Top 10 Games Of 2020 – #1 The Last Of Us Part II

With bold narrative ambition, intense gameplay, and meticulous technical execution, The Last of Us Part II doesn’t only distinguish itself as the best game of 2020; it’s one of the defining experiences of the outgoing console generation.
GOTY 2020

The Top 10 Games Of 2020 – #2 Hades

While Hades features a deep well of customization that fans of roguelikes will love, it also delights players with an intriguing story, curious combinations, and constant discovery.