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Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes Is Coming To PC With A Better Framerate And Higher Resolution

by Kyle Hilliard on Apr 03, 2024 at 02:00 PM

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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, the popular free-to-play Star Wars collectible turn-based strategy RPG mobile game, is coming to PC with cross-save functionality and improved performance. Speaking with the developer over e-mail, the team says, "We have been able to double the frame rate to 60 fps, added anti-aliasing, and implemented higher resolution settings so that players can take advantage of the power of a high-end PC." The game's layout has also been adjusted for the PC version.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes originally launched for mobile devices back in 2015, and has amassed a following over the years. In that time, players have figured out ways to emulate the game on PC, but this will be an official release. Along with improved visuals, the game will also support mouse and keyboard as well as keybinds (unfortunately "there is no controller support at this time"). Longtime players will also be able to bring all their progress over by linking their mobile account to their EA account when playing on PC for the first time, and all future updates will release on both mobile and PC platforms simultaneously. The teams says, "The PC and mobile version will always be in lockstep and release updates at the same time."

Beta access for the PC version will be available for current mobile players in May before expanding to a larger audience. From the developer: "For those interested, they can head to the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes website, sign up for the EA App, link their account, and they are now ready to register. There’s a dedicated registration page that can be found on the website the day registration begins! For those selected, you will be receiving an invite via email for access to the Closed Beta." You can learn more here.

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