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The Callisto Protocol: 83 Rapid-Fire Questions With Glen Schofield

by Alex Stadnik on Jun 22, 2022 at 02:00 PM

Glen Schoefield has made a name for himself, working on Dead Space, Call of Duty, and even Barbie: Game Girl. Heading up Striking Distance Studios, the industry icon sits down with us today to go over 83 Rapid-Fire questions focusing on The Callisto Protocol, the horror genre, and so much more!

It's Alex Stadnik's turn to host, and he has plenty of questions. One of the main focuses is getting to know The Callisto Protocol and what players can expect. We find out basic information such as what kind of weapons we'll be using, why the game takes place on the dead moon of Jupiter, and the new gruesome Biophage enemies. We also dive into inspirations, definitively answer a circulating fan theory, and much more.

But this isn't Rapid-Fire without some fun, right? We also tell Glen our best Candyman joke, see if things like The Strangers or your mom using your full name are scarier than his upcoming game, and whether or not he can think of five words that rhyme with gore. But what other secrets does Glen have up his sleeve? You'll have to watch the video to find out! 

The Callisto Protocol is releasing on December 2, 2022, for PlayStation and Xbox consoles and PC. Head to our exclusive cover hub below, where you'll find our preview impressions, the GI cover reveal, and more looks at the game in the upcoming days. For more Rapid-Fire fun, check out our curated playlist on YouTube, featuring industry legends such as Tim Schafer, Joseph Staten, and Jake Solomon. Thanks, as always, for watching.

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