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Resident Evil Village: Exclusive Look At How Upgrades Work

by Alex Stadnik on Apr 14, 2021 at 03:32 PM

Over the past 25 years, the upgrade systems in Resident Evil have taken a back seat to make players feel powerless against the horrors that go bump in the night. Resident Evil Village isn’t a seismic shift for the series, but Capcom has put a new emphasis on powering up its protagonist. Join us as we take a first look at the upgrade systems for both Ethan Winters and the weapons he carries.

If you look past the terrifying creatures looking to maul your face, you’ll see some animals that you can hunt and butcher for meat. Some of the animals in the village won’t go down without a fight. Animals will clap back when you attempt to kill them, so be prepared to utilize some of your precious ammo for a quick kill.

Knowing when to take your shot and when to conserve ammo has always been the key to survival in Resident Evil, but slaying animals in Village offers a bounty of riches that might be worth a few spent shells. Once you’ve secured the necessary poultry, fish, and other forms of meat, you can take these ingredients to The Duke’s Kitchen. Our fine friend offers an assortment of recipes that allow players to obtain powerful and permanent upgrades, which they’ll need when Lady D and her lovely group of vampires cross their path.

Ethan can also upgrade his arsenal. The key to tricking out your weaponry and becoming the ultimate Lycan-hunting machine is lei, the game's currency. And how do you obtain lei, you might wonder? When players take down the game’s antagonists, they might drop precious coins and other valuables that can be sold for cash.

Players can also find hidden treasures in the environment, which The Duke will happily take off your hands in exchange for more lei. Once you have enough lei, there’s plenty you’ll be able to purchase to assist you on your quest to find Ethan’s daughter. Sniper rifle swaying too much to be effective? Go buy a cheek rest for more accurate aiming. Not killing your foes quick enough with your pistol? Go upgrade its power, rate of fire, reload speed, and ammo capacity. You may feel uneasy using your ammo supply, but Village promises to make those kills more meaningful as Ethan’s arsenal become more deadly.

The risk-reward balance of Resident Evil resources has always been a centerpiece of the series, and Village is no different. And while some may find it helpful to hoard their riches, some of the game’s enemies may need an extra special dose of firepower.

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