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Bethesda Unveils Rage 2 With A Gameplay Trailer

by Daniel Tack on Jun 10, 2018 at 09:01 PM

While it may have leaked early, Bethesda was ready to show off Avalanche Studios' Rage 2 during its press conference at E3 2018. Andrew WK delivered a powerful performance leading up to the announcement. 

You play as Walker, the last ranger of the Wasteland, through an open world featuring intense vehicle combat. During the demo, we see thrown weapons, plenty of explosions, and bodies flying as Walker mows down a batch of goons. Abilities are also featured, as Walker picks up the skill "Shatter" during the course of the experience.

Walker then faces down a powerful wasteland warrior before we get a sizzle reel taste of the rest of what Rage 2 has to offer. Check out the full gameplay video below!

Rage 2 is scheduled to release in spring 2019.

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