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Metal Wolf Chaos

Devolver Digital Possibly Teasing Western Release Of Metal Wolf Chaos

by Imran Khan on Jun 08, 2018 at 03:42 PM

Devolver Digital appears to be teasing a port of Metal Wolf Chaos, a niche and once barely known original Xbox title that never left Japan.

Metal Wolf Chaos, a 2004 action game made by FromSoftware, was released exclusively on the Xbox in Japan. FROM considered bringing the game to America, but thought that the story about an American president getting inside a giant robot hidden underneath the White House and starting what he called the Second American Revolution, would make Americans upset and decided not to bring it over. With the difficulty in both obtaining the game and getting it to play on non-Japanese Xbox consoles, as well as the relatively small install base of the system in Japan, the game kind of faded into obscurity.

The entire game was voiced in English, however, by less than well-known voice actors in Japan. The resulting hilarious voice acting combined with the absurdity of the story and dialogue (at one point, your mission operator mentions stopping a ring of white slavers with a monotone throwaway line) grew the cult classic status of the game in the west. Let's Players Super Best Friends playing the game and appearing on Summer Games Done Quick in 2014 raised interest in the title coming to the states.

Devolver had been gauging interest in the game for a while and today tweeted a tease of the presidential emblem with the eagle wielding a missile and a minigun instead of the traditional olive branch and arrows, easily identified as the emblem from Metal Wolf Chaos. Metal Wolf and President Michael Wilson were also a secret boss in From's 360 launch window title, Enchanted Arms. 

Devolver Digital's E3 show takes place Sunday, June 10 – 8:00 p.m. PT.


Our Take
I love Metal Wolf Chaos. I'd never defend it as a good game, but everyone needs to experience it somehow, and also think "These people made Bloodborne, huh?" while doing so.