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Children Of Morta Launches New Paws And Claws Charity DLC

by Andrew Reiner on Aug 24, 2020 at 12:51 PM

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Developer Dead Mage and publisher 11 Bit Studios have partnered with Humane Society International to raise funds for our animal friends. All proceeds from the new Paws and Claws DLC for Children of Morta goes to the Humane Society.

The DLC adds a new animal shelter system to the Bergsons' family home that a variety of animals will visit, including dogs, deer, and birds. Players can care for these animals and feed them treats. These new visitors will in turn give the Bergsons boosts in experience points and movement speed. True to the core game, you'll run into plenty of story moments and over 100 new animations that show the family interacting with these animals.

Children of Morta is one of my favorite games I've played this year. I gave it a 9 out of 10 review, in which I said "I can’t stress just how smartly made Children of Morta is. The narrative flows smoothly in and out of dungeons, the characters have a real life to them, and the gameplay is enthralling and has those addictive qualities that make you just want to keep leveling everyone up. In the 15-plus hours I invested in this adventure, I was thoroughly captivated by everything Dead Mage set out to achieve. The way family comes together for the final conflict is truly impressive."

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