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Minecraft's Jurassic World DLC Gives You A Complete Tour Of The Park And Is Awesome

by Andrew Reiner on Aug 19, 2020 at 03:33 PM

I'm playing a lot of Minecraft with my daughter lately, and I've spent far too much money on licensed DLC, which explores everything from films like Solo: A Star Wars Story to other games along the lines of Final Fantasy XV. If you are looking for the best example of licensed DLC, even though it released just yesterday, I can already tell you that it's the Jurassic World expansion.

Not only will you be able to play as 21 different characters, including Ian Malcolm and Dr. Grant, you'll run into over 60 dinosaur species that are held in detailed cages and habitats across the park. You can even feed sharks to a nicely animated mosasaurus. Yes, it still looks like Minecraft, but it allows fans of Jurassic World to explore most of the park, go into buildings, sleep at the hotel, and get eaten by a variety of dinos. The DLC costs 1340 gold coins or is $7.99.

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