Fighting EX Layer

Fighting EX Layer Gets Arcade Mode In Update

by Imran Khan on Jul 27, 2018 at 02:15 PM

When Fighting EX Layer released at the end of June, players were surprised by the complex fighting systems and also the lack of offline content. Arika is hoping to remedy that a bit with this week's introduction of the arcade mode.

It's a very no-frills mode – players face off against eight random opponents, then fighting Hokuto, the game's final boss. No endings or interstitial cutscenes at all, suggesting the arcade mode was added as a response to criticism from the game's initial release. 

The arcade mode is also kind of a letdown when considering the pedigree behind it. Arika's Fighting Layer had an arcade mode that involved boss fights/minigames against sharks underwater, which is not something reproduced in this new game. Still, for people eager to play the game offline in a traditional structure, it's here now.