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New Optimus Prime Collectible Answers To Voice Commands

by Matt Miller on May 29, 2023 at 11:00 AM

Robosen Robotics has for some years fostered a fun partnership with Hasbro and its Transformers license, including an awesome fully transformable Generation 1 Optimus Prime that would change between robot and truck on its own.

In a similar spirit, the same team now has a new robotic collectible coming to market, this time emulating the Optimus Prime character as he appears in the new Rise of the Beasts live-action film. Instead of full transformation like the previous G1-style incarnation, this new collectible is built as a display piece that can shift between various aerial action poses, speak lines of dialogue, and respond to voice and app commands from your phone or other device.

The figure features 21 precision servo motors and 69 microchips. Even before mounting on his included stand, Prime stands at 16 inches tall.

The team even brought in legendary voice actor Peter Cullen to reprise his role and record brand-new lines for the character to spout.

The new Rise of the Beasts Optimus Prime limited edition collectible will put you back a hefty sum; it’s currently on a preorder sale of $699 (instead of the regular price of $899). If that's not too high a price for controlling an intergalactic hero, he's all yours. The vaunted Aubobot leader will be ready to head out on a mission to your home in the fourth quarter of 2023.