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Check Out Transformer's TCG War for Cybertron Siege Sergeant Skywarp

by Daniel Tack on May 09, 2019 at 09:48 AM

War for Cybertron Siege for the Transformers TCG hits later next month, and we've got an exclusive preview of one of the new cards to share, featuring some new mechanics. Similar to traps or hidden abilities in other card games, "secret actions" allow you to flip and surprise your opponent with a variety of effects. Let's check out Sergeant Skywarp!

Transformers Trading Card Game lead designer Ken Nagle gives us some tips on getting the most out of secret actions and the new card below:

Sergeant Skywarp is a master of Secret Action, a new kind of battle card in War for Cyberton: Siege. Since secret actions are played face down, your opponent won't know what that secret action does. Since most Secret Actions trigger on the opponent's turn, your opponent must step lightly or risk setting off the secret.


The best battle cards to use with Sergeant Skywarp are ways to trigger his card draw ability and retrieval ability via Secret Actions:


  • There are 8 Secret Actions total to choose from, like Battlefield Report, and you can play up to 3 of each.
  • Special Ops Mission - Lets you specifically play 2 Secret Actions.
  • Brainstorm - Lets you play any 2 Actions, including Secret Actions.

Characters you might want to partner with Skywarp:


  • Major Shockwave - This 14-star character also benefits from Secret Actions, which you are already playing.
  • Captain Wheeljack - You can also look for other characters that like Actions. Captain Wheeljack starts with a Brainstorm and also triggers to draw a card on your third action.
  • Raider Aimless - Because Secret Actions are more defensive in nature, look for a character with defensive abilities like Tough. Raider Aimless has Tough 3 which is also helped by Battlefield Report and other blue icon cards.
  • You can also look to other Planes, Ranged, or Decepticon characters to use the cards like give bonuses to Planes, Ranged or a full Decepticon team.

War for Cybertron Siege introduces battle masters, micro masters, 48 character cards, 64 battle cards, and arrives on June 28.