Terrordrome May Be The Ultimate Horror Fighting Game

by Tim Turi on Jan 22, 2014 at 09:51 AM

Licenses for the most iconic horror movie franchises are scattered all over Hollywood. Seeing Freddy Vs. Jason collide on the big screen was a treat, but it’s silly to hold out hope for mash-ups including Michael Myers, Leatherface, or Pinhead. But we can dream. Horror-loving gamers have dreamed (nightmared?) of a fighting game that combines the greatest horror killers under one banner for a bloody brawl. Freddy Krueger’s cameo in the latest Mortal Kombat renewed this desire. Thankfully, an indie developer released a fan-made title that does just that last year.

Terrordrome is free to download and includes villains from films ranging from the obscure (The Reanimator) to the insanely popular (Friday the 13th series). The stop-motion look, moody levels, and attention to detail are incredible for a fan project. I love how Michael Myers stands absolutely still when he’s not slashing the ever-loving hell out of his victim. Leatherface smashes enemies in the face with his slaughterhouse mallet. Ash from Army of Darkness raises the dead. The custom-tailored movesets, animations, and references to memorable scenes make this a must-see for horror fans. It includes two-player combat along with a very basic story mode stitching the dark universes together.

I’ve yet to download and play Terrordrome myself, but I can’t wait. If it plays competently, this could be the fighting game the die-hard horror fan in me has always wanted. If the gameplay falls short, at least it will live on as an ambitious tribute to yesteryear's horror classics. Have any of you given this one a shot? If you decide to download it, be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Note: If you try to download Terrordrome, be sure to click "Download Current Version"