Super Hexagon Is An Addictive Aural Treat

by Tim Turi on Sep 25, 2012 at 12:45 PM

Mobile games don't grab me often. I probably poured 7-8 hours into Infinity Blade, and really enjoyed my time with the game. Game Dev Story absolutely dominated my existence during a trip to Japan last year, as I logged clear over 20 hours in the sim. A new iOS game, developer by VVVVVV creator Terry Cavanagh, has sunk its hooks into me, and it's Super Hexagon. The game blends infectious, beat-driven chip-tunes with simple yet challenging gameplay.

The concept is simple: Dodge stuff while listening to good music. Tapping left and right on your iPhone or iPad's screen causes a little cursor to rotate around a central polygon. You time your movement around the piece of geometry in order to dodge incoming shapes and patterns. The music doesn't intentionally sync with the gameplay, but it helps you fall into a euphoric trance.

Super Hexagon handles challenge perfectly. Like Super Meat Boy, defeat is met with an near-instant reloading of the level, allowing you to get back to it immediately. The music's constant thrum continues despite death, and entices players to keep going. At first, you'll be lucky to survive more than 20 seconds in a given level, which makes lasting over a minute supremely satisfying. Battling with your friends on the leaderboards is just as enticing as composer Chipzel's terrific tunes. 

The game is a trippy, intoxicating combination of kaleidoscopic visuals and entrancing music that shouldn't be missed, Be sure to put on a pair of beefy headphones first, or you'll be missing out. I actually just received a message from a friend that they've beaten one of my high scores, so if you'll excuse me...