A Day In The Life Of My Animal Crossing Character

by Andrew Reiner on Jul 10, 2013 at 12:30 PM

My wife and I have been playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf every day since June 9 (the game's release date and my birthday).My town is called Eden. Should you ever have the chance to visit this paradise, you'll find that none of the residents are happy, because the mayor ignores them and spends all of his time digging up dinosaur bones and collecting Nintendo memorabilia.

My character, who I ingeniously named "Reiner," is said mayor. He hasn't changed his clothing since he purchased a frog hat and won Link's outfit from a fortune cookie ticket.

Here's a shot of a homeless guy I talked to once. He lives on this city block.

I traveled to Dan Ryckert's cool city once. We took this shot together during a festival. Dan is on the left.

He took a nap. I pooped in his toilet...in his bedroom.

I worked out a deal with my store to sell my Stone Cold Steve Austin t-shirt designs. Dan owns one.

I insult guests who give me things.

A rabbit that I think wants to kill me lives in my town. I run whenever I see it. His eyes scream "death!"

This is why I don't talk to my residents. SO ANNOYING!

I eat two fortune cookies a day.

I refuse to pull weeds. I don't do it in real life and I'm not doing it in this game.

A traveling woman appears every once and a while. I have no idea why she is here, what she wants, or even what she's saying.

My museum houses an incredible selection of dinosaurs, including this Plesiorsaur...

...and this Boneheadasaur.

This is my house. I always wanted a mural of the desert on my wall. Now I have it.

An idiot who lives in Eden hides his or her money under a rock. I steal it every day.

I planted a bunch of trees everywhere. They make it easier to hide from the evil rabbit.

Someone (the rabbit?) buries pitfall traps around town. I often fall in them.

Art is not allowed in Eden. Here's the art gallery.

This turtle takes me to an island where I dive and grab eels with my bare hands. He's a pretty cool turtle. I like the way he thinks.

That's basically a day in the life of my animal crossing character. He doesn't pick fruit to make money, or spend his time getting to know his fellow citizens. He steals money, and finds kickass dinosaurs. Is he a bad mayor? Absolutely. Is he a person I wouldn't mind being? Even more so.