A Lego Star Wars Set Unlike Any Other

by Andrew Reiner on May 17, 2013 at 06:18 AM

I arrived at work today to find a mysterious Lego Star Wars box sitting on my desk. The message "secrets to reveal there are" is written on one of the sides. The rest of the box is covered in what would appear to be Lego lights, some of them flashing.

A document inside the box shows that this surprise is tied to the May 29 launch of Lego Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles show on Cartoon Network. But that's not all...

Lego is also unveiling the "world's largest Lego model" on May 23 in New York's Times Square at 11 AM.

The box also includes a new Lego set consisting of 408 pieces.

The instruction manual shows Yoda holding some sort of Holocron-like device, which would appear to be one of the lights.

The final model looks like a meditation chamber of some sort. The lights on the box are also on this set's walls. If those lights are Holocrons, this could also be a vault or library. The set includes figures of Yoda, a female character with long brown hair, and a droid.

I've reached out to Lego to see if this set will be sold at retail, and was told that, "This set will not be sold in stores, and is an exclusive teaser for the event in New York next week." We'll find out then what piece of the Star Wars universe becomes the world's largest Lego model next week. My money is on the Death Star.