Enough With The Zombies Already!!!

by Andrew Reiner on Apr 02, 2012 at 11:45 AM

If you are an aspiring game creator with an affinity for the undead, you may want to think twice about making a zombie game for the iOS platform. If you search "zombie" in Apple's App Store, you'll uncover hundreds of games that have "Zombie" in their title. I jotted down all of the "Zombie" games that appeared in one search. Almost every sport has been zombified at least once, and a surprising number of animals have waged war against the walking dead. Below is a list of over 250 different Zombie-named games that are readily available on the App Store.

Zombie Farm
Zombie Highway
BioDefense: Zombie Outbreak
Zombie Gunship
iGun Zombie
Zombie Crisis 3D
Zombie Crisis 3D 2: Hunter
Zombie Jombie
Zombie Life
Zombie Wars!
Zombie Basket
Zombie Weave
SAS: Zombie Assault
Zombie Takeover
Zombie Shock
Zombie Sweeper
Make a Zombie
Zombie Fishies
Zombie Cafe
Pro Zombie Soccer
9 Heroes: Zombie Invasion
Zombie Attack!
Zombie Tower Shooting
My Pet Zombie
Zombie & Dawn
Please Stay Calm: Zombies
Zombie Restaurant
Zombie Invasion
Zombie Me!
Angry Zombie Birds
Zombie Trailer Park
Zombie Wonderland
Zombie Attack!
Zombie Attack! Bridge Defense XL
Zombie Battle
Ghost Ninja: Zombie Beatdown
Zombie Room
Office Zombie
Zombie Duck Hunt
Zombie Duck Hunt 2
Stenches: A Zombie Tale of Trenches
Zombie Kill Zone
Zombie Drop
Monster Zombie: The Birth of Heroes
Monster Zombie 2: Undead Hunter
Zombie Flick
Zombie Air Strike
Zombie Crisis 3: Killzone
Zombie Lane
Boxhead: Zombie Wars
Plants Vs Zombies
Zombie Football
Zombie Pizza
Zombie Infection
Zombie Crisis 3D: Prologue
Zombie Air Sniper
Zombie Escape
Zombie Attack! Second Wave XL
The Last Stand: Zombie Apocalypse
Pocket Zombie
Zombie Cookin'
Die Zombie Die
Free Zombie Hero: Kill Angry War Ninja
Zombie Samurai
Zombie Killer: Alive or Dead
Zombie Defense
Zombie Assault
Chainsaw Zombie Hunter
Zombies, Run!
Zombie Minesweeper
Zombies Live
Zombieville USA
Zombieville USA 2
Zombie & Lawn
Zombie Music Halloween
Attack of the Mutant Zombie Laser Shark Vs. The Angry Piranha (From Outer Space)
AR Zombie
Push the Zombie
Zombie Parkour Runner
Zombie Rider
Zombie Street
Zombie Warzone
Desert Zombie: Last Stand
Zombie Attack: Hidden Object
Zombie Shock Again
Talking Zombo the Zombie
Zombie: The Rescue
Z is for Zombie
Crash Zombie
Zombie Hunting
Ant Turns Zombie
Zombie Dice
Zombie Cake
Zombie Ball
Zombies vs Ninja
Zombie Bash: Christmas Attack
Zombie City
Mad Kill Zombie
Zombie Nombie
Zombie Soldier
Zombie Diversion
Kill That Zombie
Zombie Runner Z
Paper Zombie
Zombie Slay
Cut the Zombies
Battle Bears Zombies
Zombie Panic in Wonderland Plus
Zombie Archer
Zombie Dash
Zombie Area!
Smack a Zombie
Zombie Journey to the Sky
Zombie Parade
Alone World: Zombie Attack
Zombie Survivor
Zombie Jumper
Zombie Neighborhood
Zombie Smash!
Zombie Hatcher!
Zombie Pinball
Shocking Zombie
Zombie Baseball
Zombie Puncher
Stupid Zombies
Zombie's Fury 2
Contract Killer: Zombies!
Zombie Revolution
Zombie Trade Wars
Zombie Onslaught
Farm Destroy: Alien Zombie Attack
Zombie Cannon
Zombie Hood
iZombie: Death March
Angry Zombies!!
Draw Slasher: Dark Ninja vs Pirate Monkey Zombies?
Math Zombie
Street Zombie Fighter
Zombie Squisher
Brainless Zombies
Zombie Caves
Zombie Cows!
Zombie High Jump
Angry Zombie Zone
Samurai vs Zombies Defense
Thump the Zombies
Zombie Temple
Ace Sniper 3: Zombie Hunter
Zombie Slash
Zombie Run!
Ghosts'n Zombies
Zombies: The Last Stand
Call of Mini: Zombies
2012 Zombies vs Aliens
The Stick Zombie
The Stick Zombie Massacre
Zombies & Me
Zombie Karts
StickBo Zombies
Zombie Christmas Nightmare Massacre
Zombie Diet Game
Zombie Skies
Zombie Bumper Cars
City Zombies
Zombie Crasher
Beauty Zombie
Apocalypse Zombie
Zombie Invasion!!
Zombie Bump
Zombie Purge
Zombie Fight
Zombie Arcade
A+ Zombie Restaurant
What's Up? Zombie!
Zombie Golf
Elevator Zombies
Squish the Zombies
Zombie Bowling
Zombie Headshot
Zombie Runaway
Zombie Rush
Zombies in Flight
Zombie Drag
Zombie Exodus
Wanted Zombies
Zombie Takedown
Zombie Revenge
Z.I.D.: Zombies in Dark
Baseball Zombies HD
Zombie Escape
Zombie Squad
Zombie Ball Classic
Zombie Mayhem
Zombie Hungry
Zombie vs Animals
Zombie Tag
Zombie Hoops
Zombie Toss Basketball
Zombies vs Sheep
Zombie in My Pocket
Thorn: Zombie Dungeon Survival
Zombie Toss 2
Pro Zombie Groan
Zombie Juice
Zombie Turtle Defense
Ambush Zombies
Zombie Bunnies Apocalypse
Kids vs Zombies
Zombie World
Combat Arms: Zombies
Zombie Hockey
Zombie Resistance
Doodle Zombie Shooter
More Zomibes?!
Zombie Infection 3
Animals vs Zombies
Zombie Train
Zombie vs Soldier
Zombie Crush
Apocalypse Zombie Fish
Zombie Wedgie
Zombie Builder HD
Granny vs Zombies
iZombie Tower Pro
Coins vs Zombies
Zombie BBQ
A Zombie Balancing Game
Zombie Security
Zombie Terminator
Zombie Moon: A Gyroscopic Shooter
Meow Maze Zombies
Zombie Blitz
Creepy Zombie
Zombie Pimples
Zombie Dancer
Zombierama USA
Zombie Strongholds
Hollyweird Zombie
Heroes and Zombies
Zombie Digger
Abattoir of Zombies
Zombie Hunter
Find the Ball: Zombies
Zombie Sword Fight
Farts vs Zombies
Zombie Racers
Crazy Zombie
Zombie Cricket
iZombie Boxing
Zombies Cricket

In an effort to better inform you, the readers, we've decided that Kyle Hilliard's job moving forward will be to just review zombie games appearing on the App Store. His new title is Mobile Zombie Game Editor. Congratulations, Kyle!