Totally Random Stuff

by Matthew Kato on Apr 30, 2010 at 05:40 PM

Here's some random crap I've been thinking regarding games and other assorted stuff. Enjoy (I'm being sarcastic, by the way!).

Bungie & Activision

I know that Activision's considered the devil right now, and I'm as disappointed as anyone over the situation of Infinity Ward, Jason West, and Vince Zampella. But as far as the Bungie deal goes, let me offer a note of optimism. Let's hope that Activision has learned its lesson, and that the Bungie deal signals a new phase in how the publisher treats its talent. I'd be surprised if a developer as focused on its own brand as Bungie just walked into some kind of trap. After all, not five years ago everyone thought that EA was Satan, and that's changed with EA Partners.

Between the Pipes

As I was saying in this week's Weekend Warrior, I've started playing NHL 10 as a goalie in Be a Pro mode. Unlike my last stint as a defenseman for the Wild, I don't expect to be hoisting the Stanley Cup this time around. Being a goalie is hard work. It's a pretty unconventional way to experience the game since there are lulls in the action. But it's kind of cool knowing that winning and losing can come down to a few seconds or a few saves. I've gotten so used to playing in the Be A Pro mode with NHL that I don't think I'm any good in the old, top-down style. How you score is different between the two modes. Maybe in my third stint with NHL 10 I'll try and master that mode as well.

God of War III: You Go Straight To Hell!

I was playing God of War III the other day, and after a death or 12, the game difficulty screen popped up, kindly offering to bump me down a level. Please, how insulting. I'd rather die a thousand deaths than swallow my pride and go down a difficulty level.

Judging A Game By Its Cover

Never underestimate the power of good box art. When I was a kid I had a lot of stupid ideas. One was that I totally bought into Nintendo's Seal of Quality for NES titles. Not only that, but Konami's Ultra line also suckered me in. There was good reason for this: Metal Gear Solid was on the Ultra imprint, not to mention all the good Nintendo first-party stuff that had The Seal. So, naturally, other games in Konami's Ultra line must be as good as Metal Gear, right? Of course, Rush 'N Attack brought me to my senses. BTW, I also thought Snake on the box reminded me of Hicks from Aliens. Maybe that slightly influenced me buying Metal Gear in the first place...


It's sad to say, but I'm not watching enough NASCAR this year. Things got off to a bad start at the beginning of the year with all those washouts. And though they're racing with the new blade spoiler, I haven't been watching. Hopefully The Chase is competitive and not a ten-race early victory lap for Jimmie Johnson. Then I really won't be watching.


The Unkind Test of Time

Games are getting better all the time, and I was thinking about instances when a title simply doesn't stand up anymore. I was thinking of games I'd reviewed in the past like Gun or Mark of Kri. At the time I loved them, but now they seem antiquated. Gun because of the open world nature of Red Dead Redemption, and Mark of Kri because of how a series like God of War more eloquently handles group combat. This is nothing new, but I think those two games in particular are instances where it's not just graphics that can make a game outdated.

A Game-Changer!
Matt called me into his office the other day to share with Brian and I what I call a "game-changer." Take a good look at these record bins. I think I'm going to order two of these bad boys (and some alphabetical divider cards) and turn my record room into a freakin' record store! You can get them at http://lpbin.com/