What Is Your State The Worst At?

by Jeff Akervik on Jan 28, 2011 at 08:18 AM

Ever had one of those days where you're just sitting around with nothing to do and all of the sudden a curious thought pops into your head? Something like, "I know my home state is so great and all, but what – if anything – is my state the worst at?" Yeah, me too. Thankfully the people over at pleated-jeans.com heard our cry for fairly useless, if not disturbing, information and complied it into one nice little list. Below you'll find fodder useful for making fun of anyone from any state you may encounter on your life's journey. Some are much, much worse than others.

For example, Minnesota being the worst at tornadoes (read: we had more reported tornadoes than any other state in 2010) isn't all that embarrassing when you consider it's pretty much out of our control. If anything, it makes us appear that much more rugged...or perhaps it causes people to question why we live here. Either way, I'd take the honor of tornado haven any day over any of the achievements our neighboring states so dutifully mustered up. Wisconsin: Binge drinking (big surprise), North Dakota: Ugliest residents (that's a harsh one), South Dakota: Rape (never a good thing), and Iowa: State with the most old people (that explains a lot). Yeah, we have it good here in the land of 10,000 lakes. It's ok to be jealous – I understand.

Oh but trust me, the list only gets better from here. Some notable highlights include Washington leading the pack when it comes to the savory subject of bestiality, Louisiana knocking it out of the ballpark with some gonorrhea love, Utah and its never-ending porn addiction, and Maine forgetting where its brain went. Good times.

Me? I think I'll stay in Minnesota and take my chances with mother nature.

Let the ridiculing begin.