If You Don't Like Old Spice, You Should

by Jeff Akervik on Apr 08, 2010 at 09:18 AM

So I realize I posted a blog not too long ago regarding tv commercials. Infomercials to be exact. And you might be asking why I'm devoting yet another entry to commercials. Commercials having to do with personal hygiene to be exact. I'm glad you asked.

You see, I've been noticing a trend lately – well, over the past couple of years actually. While I don't regularly pay too much attention to commercials in general, there are a select few products/brands that consistently captivate me to the point of where I'll stop whatever I'm doing to watch. Heck, I'll even refrain from changing the channel during commercial breaks if there's even a chance said commercial(s) will air. It's almost like a miniature Super Bowl if you will. And up until now, it's really only been Nike and Bud Light (don't drink kids) that have, time and time again, entertained me with their spots – be it by comedic and/or dramatic means. Well, after their latest batch of commercials, you can now officially add Old Spice to that oh-so privileged, exclusive list. 

And here's the reason why:


Go ahead, watch it again. I don't blame you. Absolutely ridiculous, right? And that's precisely why I love it. It gets your attention by being so outlandish, so insane, so bats*** goofy that you can't help but watch...and laugh your a** off. The ad campaign features former NFL pro Terry Crews. Who? Exactly. He's starred in a couple of movies in which one might recognize him as well as the show Everybody Hates Chris. I'd never heard of him. But what undoubtedly gives the spots their zany persona is the fact that they're directed by none other than Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim from the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, um, show. If you're a fan of these guys then you'll most likely have an even greater appreciation for the work they've done with Old Spice. I mean seriously, how can anyone not love this crap?! I'm running out to buy some Old Spice Oder Blocker Body Wash right now!


I agree, the talking abs are a bit creepy


What's up with the squishy-sounding pec flex?




Is there anything better than watching a half naked man and a tiger yelling in tandem? I think not

And then I started thinking how Old Spice has been running some pretty zany stuff for the past several years. And it's stuff that I've thoroughly enjoyed. So much so that I've complied a nice little list of the following examples. I think you'll agree (and if you don't you have no sense of humor whatsoever) that not only does Old Spice keep you smelling fresh, it also keeps you highly entertained for hours on end. And no, I'm not a paid spokesman. Here we go!


I'm writing this blog....on a horse


Did you know I'm writing this blog....backwards?


Look down, now up again. The cinderblocks are now diamonds!


So vicious with the cap!


Who glues a tray of Old Spice products to the hood of their car? She's Russian


Doogie Howser?


Is it me or does he slide a bit too early?


Watch out for that tree


Bruce Campbell = the definition of awesomeness


You liking Old Spice now?