Introducing A Fire Inside Out - Our New AFI Dissection Podcast

by Ben Hanson on Jul 28, 2015 at 05:00 PM

Years ago, Jeff Cork and I recorded a podcast that broke down and dissected each and every episode of The Twilight Zone. It was a great time and we've been looking for our next great analytical adventure ever since. Today we're happy to finally announce our next project, and we hope you're ready for a new journey. We're leaving behind the dimension of sight and mind and focusing on sound. There's this band named AFI that you might be familiar with; I'm a big fan and Jeff Cork has never heard them in his life. As the ultimate audio odd couple, we're going to discuss every album that the band released and note the changes along the way. We apologize to those of you that were expecting another classic sci-fi TV show, but even if you don't know or like the band we think that this will be an approachable way to have a weekly general discussion of evolving bands and musical taste.

We plan on releasing new episodes of the podcast every Monday on this blog and also on iTunes, and we strongly encourage you to follow along with us and join a conversation about one specific band. The episode below serves as an introduction to the new show and primes the pump for next week's dissection of their first album: Answer That And Stay Fashionable. We hope you enjoy the new show and we'd appreciate any feedback you send our way, I'm on Twitter as @yozetty and Jeff Cork is @gijeff. Thanks for listening to a couple of dorks!