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Introducing Game Informer's Next Associate Editor!

by Elise Favis on Mar 03, 2016 at 10:40 AM

About a year ago, I sat in a small office on the third floor of the Game Informer building in Minneapolis, clacking away at a keyboard as an intern. Upon completing the internship, I remember feeling content but disappointed. The three months flew by, but the connections I made and the projects I worked on were invaluable. The only thought that raced through my mind was how I had to return there someday. No matter what, I needed to make that dream happen. Today, I’m still tapping away at a keyboard, but this time I’m moving up the food-chain from intern to associate editor.

Well, you could say I’m an up-and-coming editor, that is. I’m from Montreal, Canada, and I’ll be writing from here until I finish up the last bit of my journalism degree. Then, I’m off to Minnesota this summer to join the Game Informer team full-time. Lucky for me, Minnesota is probably the most Canadian state there is, and I can safely say the wintry weather is reminiscent of home.

While interning at Game Informer, I wrote daily news and a plethora of features, including an opinionated critique on Telltale’s choice mechanics and a top 10 list of film noir-inspired video games. My long-form feature about the sound design of indie games was also published in the June 2015 issue of the magazine. When I wasn’t writing, I was grabbing a drink with the editors or eating poisonous pizza at Ben Hanson’s (you could say I felt similar to how Tim was after ingesting his second ghost pepper during last year’s Extra Life). Outside of Game Informer, I’ve also written for publications such as Kill Screen and Playboy, and hosted a video game-themed radio show in Montreal. 

The first console I ever owned was the SNES. My brother and I poured hours into games like Donkey Kong Country and EarthBound. My interests then shifted over to point-and-click adventure games like Grim Fandango and The Longest Journey. Other favorites over the years include RPGs like Mass Effect and Persona 4, and games with sprawling worlds, such as Red Dead Redemption and Shadow of the Colossus. My tastes tend to touch upon a lot of genres, but RPGs, narrative-driven games, and indies that are unconventional or original (I’ll be playing Superhot soon) are definitely high on my list.

Video games have influenced my life in many ways. They have helped me through an earlier battle with chronic illness, and my attachment to games has grown from hobby to passion through the years. Montreal is such a huge hub for the video game industry and it has only reinforced this passion, with studios such as Eidos, Ubisoft, and EA. If you want to read more about me, you can read my original introductory post as an intern or just hit me up on Twitter: @elisefavis. I look forward to this new, exciting adventure ahead of me with Game Informer, and I hope you stick around to enjoy it with me!