Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp Is The Reason Hulu Exists

by Dan Ryckert on Oct 01, 2012 at 09:53 AM

I looked like an insane person last night at about three in the morning. Not being able to sleep, I decided to pull up my iPad and browse Hulu's selection for something mindless to watch. Instead of finding something to put me to sleep, I found something that had me cracking up in bed by myself in the middle of the night. Under the "classics" tab, I spotted the title Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp. According to the info tab, this show was created in 1970 and featured 17 episodes (all of which are free on Hulu). More importantly, the entire cast is nothing but hilarious chimpanzees in hilarious outfits.

So here's the deal. There are these secret agent chimpanzees that are members of A.P.E. (Agency to Prevent Evil). There is another group of chimpanzees in C.H.U.M.P. (Criminal Headquarters for the Underworld's Master Plan), and they're all super evil. Most of these baddies (Dragon Woman, Wang Fu, Ali Assa Seen) are ridiculous ethnic stereotypes. Anyway, it's basically a Bond movie if you took out all the cool British dudes and put amazing chimpanzees in their place.

Also, the A.P.E. chimps play in a hippie band called The Evolution Revolution to disguise their identities. It's a solid plan.

Click play below for a promo clip, and tell me you're not in love with this show within two minutes. I think the series premiere episode is about chimpanzees pretending to be ski instructors so they can retrieve a stolen diamond, but I really have no idea what the **** is going on here. Whatever it is, it's amazing.

Make sure to check out Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp on Hulu if you get a chance.