Ten Tips To Better Your Jetpack Joyride Score

by Dan Ryckert on Sep 07, 2011 at 06:24 PM

Like many iPhone owners, much of my last week has been spent nervously steering a certain Barry Steakfries away from certain death. Jetpack Joyride released recently on iOS, and my in-game clock is quickly approaching 10 hours. Considering it rang up at 99 cents, I can confidently state that I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of the title (and I have no plans on ending my time with the game any time soon).

I wouldn’t say I’m an expert at the game, but the sheer amount of time I’ve spent with it has taught me a few things so far. I’ve played 245 games, killed 5,724 scientists, collected 98,075 coins, and flown a grand total of 430,777 meters. My personal best is 6,313 meters, placing me in 585th place out of 261,862 players. Like I said, I’ve got a ways to go but I’ve learned a few helpful hints so far. Below, you’ll find some tips that have helped me out.

1. Turn the music off. Jetpack Joyride is a manic, stressful game on its own. The fast-paced soundtrack can be distracting as well as annoying if you’re going to be playing for a while. Plus, turning the music off will give you a better sense of when spin tokens and lasers are coming up thanks to their sound effects.

2. Consider purchasing coins. I know purchasing in-game currency probably sounds like heresy to many gamers, but this is one instance in which I think it’s justified. Stocking up on enough coins to purchase Quick Revives and Final Blasts will take you forever otherwise, and you can purchase the game along with 250,000 coins for less than it would cost you to get a combo meal at McDonald’s. For a game with as much replay value as this, I’d say it’s a perfectly fair asking price. Once you’ve received your coin bonus, use your newfound wealth to stock up on Head Starts, Final Blasts, and Quick Revives. Buy the vehicle magnets as well, but avoid cosmetic purchases like new costumes, jetpacks, or gold vehicles.

3. Use Head Starts every time. While those first 750 meters aren’t difficult, they eat up time. Blasting through the easy beginning portions of a run will save you a ton of time, and a five-pack of Head Starts is only 3,000 coins. While boosting, you can raise and lower your jetpack with taps to try to collect coins as you go.

4. Only use Quick Revives if you have a real chance of beating your score. With a score over 6,000 meters, I only consider using one if I’m past 4,000 meters. Considering how expensive they are, you can’t be using them each time you’re halfway to your high score. Make sure you have at least one on you at all times so you’re prepared once you’re having that awesome run.

5. If you’re within a few hundred meters of your high score, use a Final Blast. It seems that these blasts typically send Barry another 300 meters or so, so they can make the difference if you bite the dust a little shy of your previous best. Like the Quick Revives, make sure you have one on you at all times.

6. Go out of your way to get Spin Tokens and vehicles, but don’t kill yourself in the process. A lucky Spin Token can make all the difference if a Second Chance or Atom Blast pops up when you’re within striking distance of your high score. When you see these, make a point of collecting them. However, don’t drastically change your course if it means you’re at risk of getting hit by a laser or missile. You can get a little more daring when going for vehicles, because you’ll deactivate nearby obstacles if you get close enough to collect one.

7. Use tiny taps when using the Bad As Hog. It’s a ground-based vehicle, so the only threats you’ll encounter are low lasers and missiles. Instead of flinging yourself high in the air only to find yourself landing on a laser, jump just high enough to clear the obstacle. They’ll come fast, so keep your tap lengths short.

8. Focus on missions. None of them are crazy-difficult, and you’ll rake in the coins as you advance through the levels. Most are objectives that you’ll get without even meaning to (have X number of near misses, travel X distance in total, etc), but you’ll have to go a little out of your way for others (finish between 500 and 550 meters, high-five 15 scientists in one game, etc). Don’t waste Head Starts on mission runs, as the early portion of a run is the easiest time to brush past lights, high-five scientists, or rub your head against the roof of the level.

9. Tap in the upper-left portion of the screen. Not only is this a fairly out-of-the-way location, but it covers the score. If you’re playing the game a lot, you know how stressful it can get as you approach your personal best. This can help keep your mind off your distance while simultaneously keeping your finger out of the way.

10. Make fun of Ben Hanson if you beat his score. Seriously, it eats at this guy’s soul. After beating his score of 4,639 on Saturday, he genuinely informed me that I had “ruined his weekend.” So be sure to let him know on his profile, his Twitter account, or via email if you happen to top his mediocre best.