Watch Me Make My Dad Play Games He'll Hate

by Dan Ryckert on Feb 15, 2011 at 11:56 AM

Many of you know the frustration of having parents that don't really understand gaming culture. If you follow my Twitter account, you've probably already heard many of my dad's musings about video games and what I do for a living. While he's a very smart guy, virtually everything about the video game industry (and technology in general) frightens and confuses him. He flew up to Minneapolis recently to visit me, so I decided to take him to the office and record a Replay of sorts with him. We played five games, and he predictably hated all of them. Watch below to hear his pain.

Note: To watch the 2012 selection of games, click here.

Dead Space 2 - In this first video, I make the mistake of telling him we'll move onto the next game once he dies. I didn't realize that it would take him ten minutes to get through each room, so this turns into one of the longest 45 minutes of my life.


Katamari Forever - If normal games scare him, I assumed Katamari would be an absolute nightmare. He ends up hating it just as much as I expected in this short session with the game.


Bayonetta - He says that the only way a game could grab him right away is if it featured "a lot of nudity." Since Bayonetta shows some skin, will he find a way to enjoy such a ridiculous game? (Spoiler: no)


Heavy Rain - I thought that his biggest issue with this game would be the control scheme. Turns out he just really doesn't want to see Ethan naked.


God of War III - This one was a crap shoot. I tried to get him into the first God of War a few months ago and he despised it. Will he find something to like about Kratos' epic PS3 debut?