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How To Disrupt A College Lecture Hall

by Dan Ryckert on Oct 07, 2009 at 01:18 PM

While I started working here only a month ago, what you see above is technically my Game Informer debut in the October 2003 issue. I flew up here from Kansas City when I was 18 to shoot an in-store advertisement, and my friend and I stumbled upon this shark suit at the Mall of America. Naturally, we had to buy it and run around GI's offices like a couple of high school morons. did I get this job again?

Anyways, the suit got its share of use throughout my college years, with the most memorable being our attacks on the university's biggest lecture hall. We'd get prepared in the bathroom, then time the attack perfectly, sprinting through the room mid-lecture. He was generally being chased by someone (in this video, a wizard and a scientist) or chasing something (typically a guy in a giant cheeseburger suit). My favorite moment involved us sprinting through the classroom and then being chased by TA's. The shark and the cheeseburger had to hide in the elevator for an awkward 30 minutes before they felt safe enough to leave.

Below are a few occasions that we caught on tape. There's some major shaky-cam stuff going on considering that we had to keep it hidden, plus we were cracking up while holding the camera.You'll notice a grey-haired teacher in the second attack, and we hit his class so much that he started barricading the doors with tables while he would do his lectures.