People Who Write "First!" In Comments Sections Should Be Banned From The Web

by Annette Gonzalez on Feb 05, 2010 at 11:11 AM

Alright, so that's a little extreme. However, since the new Game Informer site launched back in October, we've seen this "First!" phenom go from sprinkling a few posts to now spamming nearly everything written by both editors and the community. With that said, I have one simple request: knock it off.

Back in 2005 AOL's tech site, Engadget, temporarily disabled their comments section as a result of comment spam. Here's the explanation:

"...we've all gotten a little tired of spending so much time deleting comment spam and dealing with trolls and all that "first post!" crap, so we're switching off comments on new posts for the next day or two while we think about what we're going to do to try and make the comment boards not completely sucky."

This has been a problem that has plagued countless other sites and is essentially annoying the hell out of everyone.

I regularly read comments on my stories and those of other editors to get a feel of what you respond well to, and what you don't. Now whenever I check out our comments section there's a "First!" post with five subsequent posts from that same person, then five more from other users who think the "First!" person is an idiot asking them to cut the crap. Comment sections are supposed to be a forum of meaningful discussion on the topic at hand, and sure at times we joke around a bit, but now it's just turned into a race for the top post. We don't like it. Other community members don't like it. So just do everyone a favor and keep it to a minimum, and by a minimum I  mean stop altogether. Modding these comments alone would take way too much time so just stop spamming our comments sections, and comments sections of other sites for that matter. The world will be a better place for it.

Perhaps I'm missing the point here, and Firsties here is your chance to explain why you insist on being the first to comment on a story. Maybe it helps you sleep better at night, I don't know. With that in mind, instead of spamming comments sections, I have created a FORUM with your needs in mind where you can post "First!" to your heart's content. Hell, let's see who will be the lucky Firsty to make the 100th post. "Hundredth!" Now there's something to brag about.

I'm aware that this post has made all future posts bearing my name a target for Firsty fodder. This one included. In fact, Reiner said he'd spam this very post as soon as I publish it. I accept my fate and will be the martyr for comments sections all across the internet.

More importantly, however, I'd like to hear your thoughts. What do you guys think about "First!" posts in comments sections? How do you think the situation should be handled?

Also be aware that our tech-savvy Sean has installed an application through our Web site that will detect a "First!" post and will thereafter cause your computer to self destruct. You've been warned.