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The Best Amateur Review I've Read Today

by Adam Biessener on May 30, 2012 at 11:23 AM

Congratulations to blogger and gaming enthusiast Chris from Slacker Werks, whose review I selected as the winner of CDProjekt RED's "Become A Pro Reviewer" community contest.

Two of the most important things for any reviewer are explaining a game's core concepts and gameplay concisely and supporting one's points well. Chris does an admirable job with both of these. I don't agree with all of his conclusions – I find Quen nearly useless and the best defense to be a good offense, for example – but he explains his reasoning and supports his points well. Though he is obviously a fan of the game, he notes its shortcomings while explaining why they're not terrible drains on the overall experience.

I've written and read an awful lot of reviews of video games over the eight-plus years I've been at GI, and Chris deserves this recognition. Go check out his full text to find out why for yourself.

I am honored to have been contacted by CDProjekt RED's community team to judge their contest, and I wish Chris the best as he pursues a career writing about games. He can't have my job, though. I still like it rather a lot.