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This Mass Effect Grunt Cosplay Keeps That N7 Day Love Going

by Liana Ruppert on Nov 09, 2020 at 03:45 PM

N7 Day may be over — and what an incredible celebration it was this year — but that doesn't mean that the fandom fun has to end. Now that we've got our confirmation that the Mass Effect trilogy is getting its Legendary remaster alongside the news that a new game is currently in ideation, it's a fine time to celebrate with some awesome cosplay! This Mass Effect Grunt cosplay is beyond incredible and let's be honest, this Krogan has no business looking like the snack he looks like with this amazing fan tribute. 

Cosplay is a phenomenal way for fans to share their love for their favorite franchises. Books, games, TV; there is no limit to waving that fandom flag. Cosplayer Elisabeth Erring is actually responsible for this impressive cosplay take, bringing our baby Krogan Grunt to life in startling detail! 

With a Bachelor's degree in mask and hair design, Elisabeth's love and passion for Mass Effect shines through clearly. The level of detail is astounding. From the shading to the varying textures, this really does look like my favorite tank baby has left the Mass Effect universe and crash-landed into the real world. 

She goes by 'Bettcanard' on Instagram where she has a ton of other cosplay creations, including other BioWare worlds like Dragon Age Inquisition! I personally love the shot of Grunt and Jack (@Karinolava) together, two kickass characters in one photograph? Yes, please! 

What did you think about all of the N7 Day drops yesterday? Thoughts on the above Mass Effect Grunt cosplay? Shout 'em out loud and proud in the comment section below! Don't be a "big stupid jellyfish," let's fan out! 

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