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GI Show – 2017's Great Platformers, Game That Tune Trivia

by Ben Hanson on Dec 28, 2017 at 06:00 PM

We might be on holiday break, but The GI Show goes on! We have a great episode for you this week, so we really hope that you subscribe to the audio version or tell a friend if you enjoy the show. On this episode, we're joined in-studio by Capcom's Tim Turi as well as Andrew Reiner, Kyle Hilliard, and (via Skype) the director of A Hat In Time to talk about designing platforming games and why 2017 made the classic genre shine. After some great members from the community Skype in and ask some questions, we force Kyle Hilliard and Tim Turi to compete 1v1 in an intense round of video game music trivia that we affectionately call "Game that Tune".

You can watch the video below, subscribe and listen to the audio on iTunes or Google Play, or listen to episode 379 on SoundCloud. Also, be sure to send your questions to for a chance to have them answered on the show and win a prize by becoming Email of the Week!

Our thanks to the talented Super Marcato Bros. for The Game Informer Show's intro song. You can hear more of their original tunes and awesome video game music podcast at their website.

To jump to a particular point in the discussion, check out the time stamps below...

2:20 - Dissecting 2017's platformers with A Hat In Time's Jonas Kærlev
42:30 - Community Skype calls
1:05:40 - Game That Tune music trivia