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GI Show – The Dragon Ball Spectacular

by Ben Hanson on Oct 12, 2017 at 05:59 PM

Welcome back to The Game Informer Show! On this very fun episode, we dive deep into all things Dragon Ball in conjunction with our cover story on Dragon Ball FighterZ. If you've never watched the show or played a Dragon Ball game, we hope you'll still check out this episode as we explain what makes the gigantic Dragon Ball series so unique as a work of fiction. I'm joined by Kyle Hilliard, Suriel Vazquez, and Javy Gwaltney as we talk about Akira Toriyama's process of creating Dragon Ball, his work on games like Chrono Trigger, and what the ingredients are for the best Dragon Ball games. We're also joined by actors Kyle Hebert (the voice of Gohan, Ox King, the narrator) and Christopher R. Sabat (Vegeta, Yamcha, Piccolo) about the process of adding English voices to the games and the show. After all of that, we finally have a thorough conversation about the first three-ish seasons of Dragon Ball Super and how the show compares to Dragon Ball Z. We'll be back next week with a regular, new-game focused episode but we hope you enjoy this fun detour!

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To jump to a particular point in the discussion, check out the time stamps below...

3:35 - Why we love Dragon Ball
33:35 - Akira Toriyama's work on Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest, and Blue Dragon
39:37 - Our favorite Dragon Ball games
55:25 - Kyle Hebert on voicing adult Gohan, Ryu, and Dragon Ball Z's narrator
1:14:18 - Christopher R. Sabat on voicing Vegeta, Piccolo, Yamcha, and producing the VO
1:42:30 - Dragon Ball Super discussion