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GI Show – Warcraft, 3DS News, ReCore Interview

by Ben Hanson on Sep 01, 2016 at 01:20 PM

This week on The Game Informer Show we're strolling down memory lane with Dan Tack, Kyle Hilliard, and special guest (and former Game Informer editor) Adam Biessener from Stardock. World of Warcraft's new expansion Legion was released on Tuesday, and Dan Tack has been playing as much as possible so he can share his thoughts with you all. After Legion impressions, we reflect on the best and worst aspects of World of Warcraft's 12-year run with its original Game Informer reviewer Adam Biessener. Then, in a shift toward upcoming games, Kyle breaks down the Nintendo Direct for us and we weigh in on the 3DS game announcements. We also talk a little bit about Obduction from the creators of Myst. After some great emails from the community, we're joined by Armature's Mark Pacini, who you might know better as the director of the Metroid Prime trilogy and the director of Microsoft's upcoming ReCore.

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To jump to a particular point in the discussion, check out the time stamps below...

6:45 - World of Warcraft: Legion impressions
18:45 - Our best World of Warcraft memories
37:30 - Nintendo's new 3DS games
47:00 - Adam Biessener's transition to game development
55:30 - Obduction and Myst's legacy
1:00:05 - Attack on Titan
1:03:35 - Dragon Quest Builders
1:06:06 - Dragon Ball Fusions
1:08:35 - Community emails
1:49:42 - Armature's Mark Pacini on directing Metroid Prime and ReCore