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GI Show – Doom, Trails Of Cold Steel, Back-Of-The-Box Trivia

by Tim Turi on Jan 07, 2016 at 12:20 PM

Sadly, the holiday break and all the lazy gaming that comes with it is now behind us. On the bright side, we have recon intel from Reiner's recent trip to id Software for the latest cover of Game Informer: Doom. In addition to impressions from Reiner's extensive time with the gory single-player and mutliplayer modes of Doom, the rest of us are here to report on all the great games we played over winter break. Kim discusses her unexpectedly  fun experience with the JRPG The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel. Ben Hanson returns as your co-host this week to chat all about the joy he's had diving deeper into Amplitude and Tim is all about EarthBound right now.

Stick around after the first segment as we unpack all the emails that were waiting for us during our week off. We close out the show with a special themed-round of the wildly entertaining Back-of-the-Box Trivia. Place your bets now. Will it be Tim, Reiner, or Kim? And that's not all...

Officially announcing the Game Informer Show Game Club! The game club will begin with the classic RPG Final Fantasy VII, which is on everyone's mind as we learn more about the highly anticipated FF VII Remake. Dust off your old PlayStation discs or download it on PC or PS4 so you can play along with us and come back to discuss it on the podcast in coming weeks. Our goal for the first episode is to complete the entire Midgar section of FF VII for reconvening and discussing our thoughts. Our suggested focus on this first "chapter" of the GI Show Book Club is to examine how Midgar is pieced together by Square. Pay close attention to the pre-rendered backgrounds, 3D character models, and how they play off each other. Additionally, we encourage you to listen closely in the burrows for Midgar lore and see what you can piece together. Please your game club related observations/questions to so we can possibly discuss them when the time comes.

You can listen to episode 281 below, listen on SoundCloud, or subscribe and listen to the audio on iTunes. Also, be sure to send your emails to for a chance to have them answered on the show and win a prize by becoming Email of the Week!

To jump to a particular point in the discussion, check out the timestamps below...
1:55 - The Doom cover story trip
17:00 - The Legends of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
30:50 - Disney Infinity: The Force Awakens playset
39:25 - Amplitude
 43:40 - Minecraft on PS4
47:05 - Lionel Battle Trains
50:00 - Reiner's old-school adventure game deep-dive
57:13 - Emails
1:29:50 - Announcing the Final Fantasy VII Game Club
1:33:25 - Back-of-the-Box Game Trivia